Why All Point Chooses to Work With Microsoft Dynamics RMS

By March 29, 2015Mobile and Tablet POS

When it comes to retail management systems, there are a number of different options. However, in our experience, Microsoft Dynamics is the best system for meeting the needs of today’s retailers. That’s why our team possess expert level knowledge of the system, and why they assist our clients with its installation, integration and support.

Now, you may wonder if Microsoft Dynamics RMS is right for your business. Here are some of the reasons we believe that it is:

  • User Experience: If your associates are having difficultly mastering your POS, that’s time that they’re taking away from your customers. The user interface for Microsoft Dynamics RMS is incredibly intuitive, and most everyone can learn it in only minutes.
  • Fast and Reliable: Keeping an accurate count of inventory on hand as well as current prices is essential. This powerful system is able to update all of this information on the fly, putting it right in the hands of the people who need it whenever they need it.
  • Incredible Integration: By centralizing all of the sales and stock information of your business in one place, you’ll gain integrated insight into your retail business. With this knowledge, you’ll be equipped to find efficiencies, which will drive your profitability and level of service.
  • Scalability: Naturally, your goal is to grow, grow, grow. And, that’s exactly what Microsoft Dynamics RMS has been designed to accommodate. Whether you’re adding more brick-and-mortar stores or opening up an ecommerce website, all of those expansions can be integrated seamlessly into your existing system.
  • Customizability: Different retailers have different needs. In many cases, they will require a completely custom solution to meet a particular quirk of their sector. With All Point’s in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics RMS at your retail business’ disposal, any custom solution to whatever challenge you face is possible.

These are just some of the reasons that we feel Microsoft Dynamics RMS is the ideal solution for your retail business. Once you see it in action, you’ll understand all of the intangibles – the way it makes running your business easier – that words alone can’t describe.

If you’d like to learn more about it, as well as about the myriad solutions All Point can offer with it, then simply get in touch and let us know more about your business. Our sales department can be reached by phone at (941) 343-9999 or by email at Sales@AllPointPOS.com.