How All Point Can Help a Multi-Channel Retailer

By March 15, 2015Mobile and Tablet POS

The retail landscape has transformed quite dramatically over the past two decades. As the Internet has taken over most of our lives, more and more retailers have moved to follow their customers, building ecommerce websites to supplement their brick-and-mortar establishments. These may also exist in addition to other channels, such as catalogues and phone sales.

Given that we specialize in POS technology, you might think that we’re not equipped to assist multi-channel retailers. The reality is actually quite the opposite. Our expertise with POS systems, as well as our in depth knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics RMS, allows us to provide comprehensive solutions to the myriad challenges that face multi-channel retailers.

Obviously, a big concern for multi-channel retailers is keeping tabs on stock. With items coming and going through different streams, keeping up-to-date counts can be incredibly complex. For these retailers, we’re able to offer solutions that centralize inventory counts. Our system will keep track of sales that are made through your ecommerce outlet, your brick-and-mortar stores, and wherever (or however) else you’re selling items.

Our solutions can accomplish so much more than that, though. For example, through one easy-to-use system, you can establish different price points and sales for your ecommerce outlets as well as your stores. In addition, incoming inventory will be automatically processed, updating the counts that you have for your POS system as well as your ecommerce website.

The benefits of having a system like this at your disposal are tremendous. For one, you’ll save plenty of time that you would have otherwise spent automatically updating inventory counts. The time you save can then be spent finding ways to grow your business. Further, you’ll be able to offer far better service to your customers, as you’ll be much better able to keep the items that they want in stock and ready for purchase.

This is all, of course, just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the solutions that All Point offers its clients. In addition to offering a comprehensive solution to your multi-channel needs, we can assist you with mobile POS integration, scale integration, and a number of other things.

In order to learn more about how All Point can help you simplify running your retail business with powerful technology, simply get in touch. Our sales team can be reached at (941) 343-9999 or by email at!