All Point is a leader in providing point-of-sale solutions for retailers both large and small. Our portfolio of clients includes retail business of every type, from clothing and shoe stores, to grocery/deli, hobby shops, jewelry stores and more. By specializing in Microsoft Dynamics RMS, we’re able to provide targeted solutions for any kind of retail business, regardless of what industry it operates in. What’s more is that we work with the very best hardware, ensuring that our clients have robust POS systems at their disposal. However, what’s really positioned All Point in the leadership position it occupies is its staff. Our team of experts provides our clients with rock solid solutions for all of their needs, from issues with inventory management and credit card processing right down to analytics and POS issues.

All Point’s History

As it exists today, All Point was formed at the beginning of 2010 when two leading POS companies merged: Suncoast Business Solutions of Sarasota, Florida, and the Jean Holland Group of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Before merging, each of these companies had more than a decade of success behind it, and together that success has only grown. In every year of its operation, All Point’s business has grown at an average of 25% year over year. This is due to the experienced staff, extensive client bases, and amazing intellectual properties that each company brought to the table when they merged. As All Point, these companies have only proven to be much greater than the sum total of these parts.

All Point’s Team

Our success has allowed us to hire and retain some of the most skilled staff in the industry. This team provides unparalleled support to our clients, delivering solutions to their problems and providing hands-on support when needed. They are located at locations throughout the United States, as well as in the Caribbean. In addition, we have some of the most skilled software developers working in the retail sector. They can provide add-ons and advanced integrations for a wide range of accounting systems, websites, CRMs and supplier databases.

Our Mission

We strive to develop long-lasting relationships with leading retailers large and small. Because of this, we only ever judge our own success by the myriad successes of our clients.


At All Point, we believe in making the lives of our retail clients simpler. That’s why we keep things simple, guiding ourselves by a few essential rules.

  • We believe in the golden rule; we treat our clients as we’d like to be treated.
  • We are always there for our clients, with no exceptions. If you need support, then simply pick up the phone. We’ll answer. One of the few in the industry that still answers our phones if you need to call.
  • We view each of our clients as an extension of our team. That means our success is only achieved through our clients’ successes.
  • We provide comprehensive support. Our clients have told us what they’ve experienced with other providers; we’re different.
  • We don’t treat our clients like support tickets, we treat them like people. Our staff takes a personal interest in solving whatever problems you’re facing.
  • We do everything within our power to assist our clients with using technology to its maximum benefit.

They’re incredibly simple rules, but they’re the most important ones. With these as our guiding principles, we know that everything will fall into place. That’s because our staff, from the lowest level to the highest level, is only focused on one thing: All Point’s clients.