4 Reasons You Should Consider a Mobile POS Solution

By March 22, 2015Mobile and Tablet POS

You’ve likely been hearing it every day: mobile is the future. This is true for a great many things, including your POS system. You may, however, be wondering why this is the case. Therefore, we thought we’d take a look at the top four reasons you should incorporate mobile into your existing POS system.

  1. Provide Better Service: Think about those times of the year when your store is flooded with customers – around Black Friday, for example. With mobile POS, you can dramatically reduce the time that your customers are spending in line. This improves their overall experience and reduces lost sales from when customers simply give up waiting.
  2. Convert More Sales: Mobile POS doesn’t just help you to reduce lost sales during busy times; it helps you to increase sales at all times. With a POS system in hand, your associates are empowered to spread out through the store, converting customers where they are. What’s more is that mobile technology makes it far easier for your associates to cross-sell and up-sell.
  3. Offer Convenience: You’ve likely noticed that your customers have been conditioned – more than ever before – to have their expectations met instantaneously. With mobile POS, you’re equipped to accommodate this demand. In addition to offering your customers direct access wherever they are to a point of sale, you can also provide receipts through email. This has the added benefit of growing your email list, which can be used for targeted marketing efforts later on.
  4. Maximize Floor Space: The more retail floor space that you have taken up by places that are dedicated to POS systems and return areas, the less floor space you have to dedicate to product. Mobile POS is, as you might expect, incredibly portable and has a much smaller profile than a traditional POS. Because of this, you’ll free up space to get more products where they need to be — out in front of your customers.

If you believe that your business is ready to make use of this cutting-edge technology, then All Point is the firm that can assist you! We’d love to explore the ways that mobile POS technology can be utilized to your retail business’ benefit. Simply give All Point a call at (941) 343-9999 to speak to one of our team members about a mobile integration for your retail business.